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2-3 Year-Old Dance and Tumbling

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Creativity. Friendship. Adventure. Real Dance and Tumbling Skills. As soon as your child turns 2, they will discover all these and more in RAD's fun classes! Register here.

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2-3 Program FAQs

2-3y FAQ

    How long are dance and tumbling classes?

  • 45 minutes

    What is the cost?

  • Registration fee of $35 and performance fee of $40 which includes two (2) tickets to the Christmas Spectacular.
  • One dance class/week: $65/month + performance tickets & leotard
  • One tumbling class/week: $65/month
  • Dance and Tumbling: $105/month ($15 discount)

    My child turns 4 soon, when should I sign up for the 4-5 class?

  • The August or May after their 4th birthday.
  • A child turning 4 in the fall joins the 4-5 class in January.
  • A child turning 4 in the spring joins the 4-5 class in June or August.

BTJ (Ballet, Tap and Jazz) Ages 2-3

Welcome, littlest dancers! In BTJ, you will start every class in your tap shoes, doing 20 minutes of fun exercises across the floor. Next, your teacher will read a dance book, which helps you rest your body while engaging your creative mind. Finally, you'll switch to ballet shoes for 20 minutes of ballet magic. Watch us on YouTube!

    Pricing & performances:

  • One class per week: $65/month
  • 10% Sibling discount
  • Performances in December and May.
  • Registration fee includes 2 tickets to the December performance.

    Girls' BTJ 2-3 Uniform:

  • Pink RAD leotard (available on RAD's registration site)
  • Pink Tights
  • Tap shoes and Ballet shoes (Ages 3+ regular shoe sizes)
  • Optional: dance bag
BTJ Tank Bow Dress

    Boys' BTJ 2-3 Uniform:

  • White shirt and black shorts
  • Tap shoes and Ballet shoes


Welcome, littlest tumblers! Get ready to learn amazing pre-gymnastic skills like climbing, rolling, hand support and balancing with friends. You'll also be ready for dance or any sport you could ever imagine with skills like catching, throwing, hand-eye coordination and kicking.


  • Comfortable athletic clothes, no shoes


  • $65/month for one class/week
  • RAD's system automatically charges a performance fee to every student. Because Tumbling has no performance, you will be refunded the full performance fee ASAP.

Friends, you will have so much fun tumbling and dancing at RAD! The athletic skills and social skills you learn here will help you immeasurably throughout your life, and you will make amazing friends. Register Here or email Ms Alexandra to try a class for free.